We produce a range of award-winning digital publications dedicated to in-depth explorations into critical and much-needed questions that emerge at the intersection of gender, technology and sexuality. Using compelling narratives, we offer fresh perspectives on disability, violence, data, desire and agency.

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Skin Stories

India’s first and only publication dedicated to publishing fresh, urgent perspectives on disability, sexuality, and gender.

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Hacking Digital Gender Norms

In February 2019, in Negombo, Sri Lanka, 47 researchers, practitioners and activists working on gender.

Deep Dives

Discover longform journalism, personal narrative, and occasional works of art, poetry and fiction.

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Reboot publishes a range of articles exploring emerging issues at the intersection of sexuality.

Pyaar Plus

A digital toolkit about pyaar and all that’s associated with it – from attraction to abuse – for young women.

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Free To Be Mobile

Ten stories of technology-enabled violence rooted in gender. Teenage boys hacking the WhatsApp accounts of teenage girls.

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